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No Spa Day is Complete Without Premium Skin Masks.

Order your quality skin masks from a source you can trust. Order skin masks made with the best skin care and anti-aging ingredients to make sure you are not wasting your time as you set apart a moment in your day to dedicate to skin care. Collagen is the key to youthful-looking skin, yet as we age our body produces less and less. There are ways to increase collagen in your skin and even future production and we are happy to offer quality skin masks including collagen masks.
A skin mask is a way to get as much skin enriching product into the face as possible. Instead of just applying the product and losing some to your hands and wear as the night or day goes on you apply a thicker layer or even a whole sheet mask and you sit still while your skin absorbs the maximum amount of healing ingredients. Our collagen masks are best applied when you can dedicate a few moments to relaxation so you can really reap all the benefits possible. Many people report that they do not even wash away the mask residue when they remove it, instead they sleep with the collagen and wash it off in the morning. After all, if you are investing in premium ingredients that have a real impact on the skin you want every drop.
Enjoy your skin mask in the evening as an excuse to sit down and do nothing, or while you sleep if you can avoid tossing and turning. Skin masks are a staple of any long term beauty routine that focuses on skin health.

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