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  1. Choose a streamlined and safe formula. Does not contain mineral oil, pigments, chemical emulsifiers, essence, and preservatives. Gentle and efficient formula can adapt to the needs of all types of skin.
  2. MARRUBIUM VULGARE EXTRACT: Care and conditioning of skin, improve rough skin, make skin smoother and softer; relieve skin discomfort, strengthen skin barriers, and reshape skin health and vitality.
  3. Sodium Hyaluronate: Increase skin elasticity and improve skin metabolism; Quick hydration, relieve dryness and tension, moisturize and nourish, And form a water-locking layer on the surface of the skin to enhance the skin's water locking ability.
  4. Deep-sea sponge collagen: Supplement collagen for skin, strengthen collagen network, and improve skin elasticity; moisturize, firm, and shape face, effectively resist aging, and improve skin firmness.

OJESH Pro Regeneration Face Cream (Intensive)

    1. Take an appropriate amount of facial cream with a skin care spatula;
    2. Apply the cream gently over your face and neck area until it's thoroughly absorbed;
    3. Gentle massage until absorption to avoid around the eyes;
    4. After each use, use warm water to clean skincare spatula throughly.
    5. Use it in the morning and night to  deeply moisture and rejuvenate skin.
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